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What is "real estate done right"? Long answer short: it's the mantra of our company, the words we hold ourselves and our standards to each day. We understand that the management process of a property (selling, buying, letting, maintaining) can be stressful and taxing for both tenants and landlords. Both parties no doubt have lives to live, jobs to work at, people to meet and places to see. That's where we come in. Whether you're looking for someone to find you tenants, someone to find you property, someone to find you contracts with the city council, or someone to manage your property, we'll be there for you. We understand and sympathize with unfortunate situations and terrible turns of fate which is why we place such high value on effective communication, between ourselves and between landlord and tenant.

What do we believe in, then? We believe in mutual respect; we pride ourselves on our immediate response time; and we hold ourselves to a high standard of professional conduct. We're happy and honoured -- with regards to both landlords and tenants -- to be your go-to estate management company for the East London areas of:

Why Choose Us


Our Personal Approach

At the early beginnings of our firm, we committed to face-to-face meetings with our landlords free from distractions and interruptions. That is why you will not find us on a congested high street!

At our first meeting with a landlord, we spend a great deal of time getting to know you; learning about your concerns, frustrations, preferences and property investment goals. It lays the foundation for a long-lasting partnership strengthened by our commitment to professionalism, integrity, transparency, and going the extra mile. Our landlords and tenants have been able to enjoy such long-standing relationships with us because 94% of our amazing staff have stayed with us for over seven years.


Going Above and Beyond

We prioritise the interests of our landlords and tenants sometimes at our own expense. Whether it is helping a tenant who is heavily pregnant change a light bulb or assisting a landlord with their planning permission application. We are always ready to help.


Your Complete Peace Of Mind

Our experienced and knowledgeable ARLA-certified Property Managers guide you through the important pieces of legislation to keep you compliant. We stay up to date with the nature of the London rental market to consistently achieve good rental returns for you. We manage your ongoing relationship with your tenant and handle the practicalities of routine and out-of-hours emergencies so both you and your tenants are happy.

We do not cut corners!

We do our job the way it should be done.
This way, you are always compliant.

No costly unexpected surprises.

No nasty breaches of law that come back to bite you down the road.

ABC Gone Limited is registered in England and Wales under Registration No. 07156721