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Planning Permission

If you plan on enhancing the value of land or property by developing, extending or making significant alterations to its use, youmay require planning permission from your local authority.Provided you prepare your application diligently, you should expect a decision between 8 to 13 weeks depending on the size and complexity of your project.The entire process can seem like the beginnings of an uphill struggle but there are steps that you can take to increase your chances of getting the approval that you need.

Pre-application Submission

If your proposals are less than straightforward, you could make a pre-application submission to the local authority. This is a process whereby you provide the council with as much concrete information about your project as possiblein order to garner valuable insight into gaining approval for your final application. It can be an excellent way to save time and money, minimising the risk of your application being turned down. Of course the more detailed the information you provide during your meeting with the planning officer, the more productive it will be. To that end, invest in sound professional advice from an architect, surveyor and planning consultant whoare knowledgeable, have good contacts in the local council and have been successful in securing similar planning consent.You might be required to pay a fee to the local authority for this service.

The local authority will at some point notify neighbouring properties of your plans, so get acquainted with the neighbours and show them what you propose. Genuine objections from neighbours can hamper the success of your application so be proactive in reassuring them and getting them onside.

Pay-Per-Performance Planning Application Service

Whether applying for planning permission for the first time or attempting an application after multiple refusals, ABC Gone has a strongtrack record of managing the entire planning application process and securing the required consent.We have successfully helped people turn warehouses into large residential developments and converted commercial high street premises into mix use for both commercial and residential purposes.In fact, we are so confident in our ability to secure the permission you require that are fee is only payable when we deliver results.

Why Choose ABC Gone

Experienced and Knowledgeable Team

ABC Gone has forged strong long-standing alliances with the majority of council boroughs throughout Greater London.We also have a panel of very competent architects, structural engineers, planning consultants, building control officers with years of experience behind them. Not only do they have an exceptional knowledge of the local policies of every borough, but very good relationships with planning officers within the council. Sometimes architects have to think outside the box to turn around a refusal from the planning department or even help convince the planning officers on a fresh application that could be a long shot. Sometimes the unique ideas and plans that our team have come up with have made all the difference in getting an application over the line.

Pay Per Performance Guarantee

We stand by our expertise in that if your application does not result in a successful planning award you do not pay us a fee. You will of course be responsible for the planning application fee and the time incurred by an architect to draw up the plans that will get your application approved.

Stress-Free End-to-End Service

At ABC Gone, we actively look at ways of maximising the value of your property portfolio whilst relieving you of the stress, struggle, time and guess work inherent in your property investment plans.We not only handle the entire planning application process butassist youright through the build process if you require it.

For our Pay-Per-Performance Planning Application service, contact a member of our team now on 020 8553 0645.

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