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Selling Your Home

Ready to sell your home?

It makes perfect sense that you would want to sell as quickly as possible and for as much as the market can bear. Perhaps you have done some initial research and have an idea of what your property might be worth and whom it could appeal to.

Whatever your reasons for selling, avoid all the pitfalls and get it right first time. Our step-by-step process increases your chances of a quick sale at a price that sets you up to move forward.

Step 1

FREE No-Obligation Property Valuation

It is crucial that your property is placed on the market at a realistic price. We never provide inflated valuations just to win your business, and then ask you to lower your asking price down the line.

Our ability to consistently achieve the best price on your behalf is down to our experience of selling properties in the local area for over twelve years. We understand the local market trends, needs of target buyers and how your house or flat stacks up against competing properties in the market. Benefit from our wealth of experience and insight and book your free no-obligation valuation with one of our property valuers. We can advise you on any necessary improvements to ensure you stack up favourably in the market and achieve the best possible selling price.

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Step 2

Instructing a Solicitor or Conveyancer

You need to instruct a solicitor or conveyancer to deal with the legal side of selling your property. Finding an experienced and efficient professional can make all the difference in ensuring a quick and successful sale. Your solicitor will draw up the necessary legal documents to transfer ownership of your property to the buyer. The buyer will also retain a solicitor who looks over all legal documents and handles negotiations with your solicitor on their behalf. Our agents are able to recommended solicitors that we work with on a regular basis. Alternatively, you can find one yourself through the following bodies:

  • Council for Licensed Conveyancers
  • T: 020 7250 8465
  • W: www.conveyancer.org.uk
  • The Law Society
  • T: 020 7320 5650
  • W: www.lawsociety.org.uk

Step 3

Preparing Your Property

Most buyers require that your house or flat be in good condition and ready to move into straight away. It is therefore important that the inside and outside of your property are presented in a manner that convinces them that your property can be their home.

Are there any necessary repairs to your property that need to be completed? Could your property do with de-cluttering and a fresh coat of paint? Has your property including all windows been cleaned?

What about the outside? First impressions make a huge difference. Some buyers will simply drive past without ever seeing your property if it lacks 'kerb' appeal. To that end, ensure all trees, shrubs and hedges are neatly trimmed. Keep rubbish and bins out of sight and repair any cracks on external walls, driveway and guttering. Our experienced property valuers can recommend reliable contractors should you need help in ensuring that your property hits the right note with your target buyers. We can also arrange for an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), a government requirement when selling your home.If you suspect that your home might potentially have a major issue, it might be wise investing in a structural survey. It could save both time and money, and eliminate drawn out re-negotiations further ahead.

Book your free no-obligation valuation and one of our property valuers will be happy to advise you.

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Step 4

Marketing Your Property

After your free no-obligation appraisal, you might decide to instruct us to sell your property. In addition to working with you to ensure your house or flat is presentable, we pull out all the stops to market it. Our service includes:

  • Taking a set of professional photographs
  • Drawing up a colour floor plan
  • Raising awareness for your property through our email list of contacts
  • Advertising your property on portals like Rightmove, Zoopla and On the Market
  • Pushing your property on social media platforms like Facebook

Step 5

Organising Viewings

Our agents take the time to get to know your home so that they are fully equipped to field enquiries and showcase your property on accompanied viewings. They are also available out of hours should that prove more convenient for potential buyers. We recommend that we handle all viewings on your behalf as sometimes the owner's presence can make a potential buyer feel uneasy or nervous. Should you wish to be present, however, we suggest limiting your interaction with potential buyers to introductions at the beginning and fielding possible questions at the end. You can also count on us to provide you with regular feedback on the progress of all viewings very step of the way.

Step 6

Handling Offers

We notify you both verbally and in writing as soon as we receive a serious offer for your home. As your decision might not solely be based on the value of the offer, we aim to provide you with a full picture. We supply you with any special conditions attached to the offer, general information about the buyer, how quickly they are able to move and the overall market conditions. Whether it is a lower offer from a chain-free cash buyer or a higher offer from a chain buyer, we provide you with the space and support to make a decision that is right for you.

Step 7

Accepting an Offer

Once you accept an offer, we agree with you to take your home off the market. Although not legally binding, we confirm your acceptance both verbally and in writing to both you and your buyer. We prepare and furnish both sets of solicitors with a memorandum of sale so that they can make contact and finalise a contract.

Step 8

The Survey

Unless offering cash, your buyer will initiate a survey on behalf of their lender in order to gain approval for a mortgage. If the survey suggests issues, they might carry out further investigation by conducting an independent survey of their own. If their survey confirms any problems, your buyers might use it as a basis to re-negotiate the terms of their offer. To avoid such a situation, we recommend carrying out a structural survey before even putting your home on the market.

Step 9

Exchange of Contracts and Completion

Once both sets of solicitors have ironed out the contract and your buyer has secured their mortgage, your buyer pays the deposit. This is usually 10 per cent of the sale price. Contracts are exchanged and an agreement on when you will vacate your property is confirmed.

On the day of completion, your buyer will pay the remaining balance to your solicitor and on your authorisation we will release the keys to your buyer. Your solicitor will retain their fees and settle our fees as pre-agreed with you, before transferring the remaining balance to your account.

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